Soil moisture management by HTSI

An efficient tool for precision agriculture

Hydrascout profil probe make it possible to have “eyes in the ground” to monitor humidity, temperature and salinity at several depths. They thus reveal the water available to the plant and the root activity of your crops.



Hydrascout probe will allow you to improve your yields by significantly saving your resources: water, energy, inputs and your time. With our Hydrascout probe you can “sense every drop” from the rain or from you irrigation system, down into the ground, at each soil level.

Manage your resources

In the case of agriculture, water consumption is concentrated mainly in the months of May to September (in the northern hemisphere), coinciding with the period of low water levels. The share of agricultural usage can reach 80 to 90% of total consumption. These tensions on the resource lead to the implementation of restrictions on uses, which have been increasing since the beginning of the 2000s.

In this context of increasing constraints on water resources, farmers’ strategies must adapt to promote water savings and maintain competitive agriculture.

Little is known about the rate of use of sensor irrigation management tools. A significant number of farmers do not use them. However, the use of decision support tools would make it possible to save 15 to 25% of water, depending on the studies (Solagro et al. ; IRSTEA, 2017, source)

HYDRASCOUT : a modular capacitance probe

HYDRASCOUT uses capacitive technology.

The probe is encapsulated in resin, in order to protect it from any external hazard, and offer a 5-year warranty.

HYDRASCOUT has a unique modularity on the market: in our factory, we can configure the probe according to your own needs and your own crops. Its diameter of 38 mm allows it to take measurements on a large volume of soil all around the probe and on different depth, depending on the number of its sensors.



The HYDRASCOUT probe connects via SDI-12 protocol. Compatible with a wide variety of telemetry tools on the market, it is connected by cable to its communication box.

Communication is done via GSM, or LoRa depending on the network coverage at the place of installation. The data once collected is sent to a web/app platform in order to visualize the data and take decisions related to your irrigations.


Very easy data reading

Reading the HYDRASCOUT results is very easy.

Each sensor depth has is own graph.You can thus see in real time the evolution of water, temperature and salinity at each of the depths chosen.

You also monitor the root activityand the ability of your plants to use the water contained in your soil (readily available water) at the different depths monitored by the sensors.

Your irrigation trigger thresholds are now clearer and more intuitive:

Finally, you have eyes in the ground!


  • For all types of irrigation: Drip, micro-sprinkler, pivots, ramps, sprinklers, gravity irrigation
  • For all types of culture: The length of the probes is adapted to each type of culture according to the following table
  • For all types of soil

Ideally, the HYDRASCOUT probe is installed for each homogeneous irrigation zone (on average 1 probe per hectare). The probe can be buried or flush to the ground.

The installation is done in close coordination with HSTI and its partners, as indicated here.

The Hydrascout probe uses a very versatile standard communication protocol: the SDI-12 protocol.

This allows it to be widely compatible with most telemetry on the market.

Why choose Hydrascout?

Expected benefits of irrigation monitoring thanks to HYDRASCOUT:

  • Better water management
  • Water stress control
  • Reduced pumping and operating costs
  • Better management of your inputs (less leaching)
  • Increase your yields
  • Monetary and intervention time savings